This guy’s bug-out vehicle makes everyone else look unprepared


This guy’s bug-out vehicle makes everyone else look unprepared

SureFire Woodsman has just put out a DVD detailing the most fantastically well-thought-out bug-out vehicle I’ve ever seen, and I watched the whole first season of Doomsday Preppers, so I know what over-the-top looks like. This guy’s trailer has it all, from solar cells to wind power to first aid, camouflage, food gathering, building, repair, metalworking, welding, and the list goes on. I took some time to watch the 15-minute YouTube video of excerpts from the DVD, and the main thing I learned from it is that everyone else on the Internet is unprepared for the apocalypse when compared to this guy.

As one YouTube commenter put it, “You sir are one´╗┐ well rounded redneck. You are like tractor supply, cabelas, and popular mechanics rolled up into one human being. Well done.” Ditto to that.

Of course, with as much gear as SureFire Woodsman has, he also seems to have the skills to match it. A rig for welding with a car battery wouldn’t do me much good, since I don’t know how to weld. The same goes for his metalworking, carpentry, medical, and other skills. If this guy were part of my road warrior group in a TSHTF scenario, I wouldn’t let him go anywhere without armed guards.

All of this reminds me why I really hope that the S never hits the F — because while I’m all about beefing up my outdoor living and camping skills when and where I can, I’ll never turn myself into this dude (or anything even close). Right now, if I could get one of those magic skillset downloads like in The Matrix (the part where Neo says “Whoah, I know kung fu”), you know what I would pick? Javascript. Welding, wilderness medicine, and the like would start to appear way down around number 30 or so on the list.

Oh well. Maybe with the money I make from Javascript (har har), I can buy a few friends that do have mad survival skills, just in case.

At any rate, as I’ve said before, if the Red Army invades, I’d rather have a well-stocked vehicle like this than an underground bunker. It just seems like a saner investment, as long as you can keep it from getting stolen.

(Hat-tip to TEOTWAWKI blog for the DVD link.)

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