CamoTherapy: Curious (and Hungry!) Deer


CamoTherapy: Curious (and Hungry!) Deer

What happens when you put a mini video camera among a herd of deer?

Just before Thanksgiving, my aide Ricardo and I enjoyed a fantastic hunt at Rancho el Nido in Nuevo Laredo, Mexico. When we arrived, we were surprised to see a corn feeder set up right beside the ranch house. “More than 20 deer are in the yard each morning and evening,” explained our host, Ruben Serna. “We don’t hunt these ones, so they’re not very skittish.”

The video begins with Arturo Garcia spreading corn. See those black plates on the ground? Ricardo had the brilliant idea to clip a thumb-sized mini camera to one and let it record as the deer munched away. The first deer to notice our camera was a nubbin buck that seemed torn between curiosity and distrust. After that, several does took an interest in the camera and the plate…

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