Holiday Gift Guide: Youth


Columbia Toddler Mini Pixel Wind Jacket

These Columbia mini Pixel jackets for kids are fantastic. They’re reasonably priced, durable, and (most importantly) plenty warm. It’s rare to find jackets for toddlers that combine high quality level and price, but the Columbia Pixel is one of them. Between the jacket’s nylon exterior, which keeps out the elements, and the fleece lining, the jacket will keep your toddler cozy and warm throughout the colder months of the year. If the mercury gets really low, you’re going to want swap this out for a down jacket, but for Fall weather the mini Pixel is tough to beat.

CRKT Nathans Knife Kit

Anyone who reads is already familiar with the name CRKT. The company makes some great knives, and some of their models are among our favorites for everyday carry (EDC). But what to get junior this time of year? You want to introduce him or her to the ways of EDC, but a real knife is too much.

Well, CRKT has come through with a nice little wooden training knife in the form of a kit that can be assembled and then tricked out as you choose. This makes for a nice little parent-child project, and in the end you have a functioning replica of a folding knife that can be used to teach the basics of knife safety and operation.

Luckybums Girls Fishing Vest

The Lukcybums fishing vests for kids have sterling reputations for quality and functionality, and for good reason. I wouldn’t put my kids in anything else. I linked up the pink girl’s fishing vest here because I have a girl and she loves pink stuff, but the company also makes versions of this in gender-neutral flavors like camo. At any rate, these vests have many pockets for holding snacks, tools, rocks, various found objects, and all of the other crazy things that kids find in the outdoors and insist on taking with them. The mesh will keep them cool, and the nylon shell will help keep some of the lake or river water off of them.

Carolina Manufacturing Bandana

The fact that my kids don’t even know what a bandana is, much less have one, makes me a bad parent. Seriously. By the time I was their age, a good bandana was one of the coolest accessories I owned. Whether I tied it around my face to play at being an outlaw, or I was using it to tote marbles for trading (and also taking out birds, mailboxes, windows, etc. with a slingshot… but let’s not talk about that), a bandana was a core piece of gear for my elementary-school-aged self.

These bandanas from Carolina Manufacturing come in a variety of colors and patterns, so you’re sure to find one that’s perfect for your kid. And no, the name “Carolina Manufacturing” isn’t some gimmick intended to mask the fact that these are made in China; they’re all made right here the USA.

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