Hands on with the Korth PRS: Like Shooting a Rolex


Hands on with the Korth PRS: Like Shooting a Rolex

I had my first in-person encounter with the legendary Korth pistol line at last year’s SHOT show, and Iwrote about it on TFB. I was surprised and delighted to see that the company had a booth at this year’s Media Range Day, and I was giddy to be able to actually shoot a Korth for the first time. Specifically, I shot the 4-inch version of the company’s brand new PRS model, a 1911-style pistol with a roller-delayed blowback operating system.

And yeah, it was awesome.

It’s tough to really be objective about anything that’s expensive and German. BMW, Porsche, H&K — take your pick, because with all of these brands there are fanboys and haters who live for the opportunity to debate the merits or deficiencies of any of these brands. The discussions usually boil down to one side claiming that the company’s products are way overpriced vs. the American competition-driven prices, and the other side appealing to mystical and/or a higher aesthetic factors that make the experience worth the insane mark-up.

A cut-away PRS with the internals showing.