Leatherman’s LED Lenser Line Ups the Lumens


Leatherman’s LED Lenser Line Ups the Lumens

Leatherman was showing off their LED Lenser flashlights at SHOT, and apparently the company has an exclusive for most of the year on an especially high-powered and efficient LED. The company’s entire line got a one-off major boost in lumens — it looks like around 20% to 30% — from this deal, and their supplier has agreed not to make the new LED technology available to anyone else for eight months.

To be honest, I didn’t even know that Leatherman was in the flashlight business, so when I got to pick up and try out most of their line in one session, it was all new to me. The company seems to have a great array of models in various sizes, from AA-powered keychain lights all the way up to Maglite-sized monstrosities. In regard to the latter, there were a pair of law enforcement officers at the booth who were basically asking the rep if the larger lights could, er, take a beating — as in “you take one of these lights out and it usually gets the point across.”

Of course the rep assured them that the lights would stand up to any amount of abuse just as well as a Maglite. This is something that we’ll have to test when we get our hands on some of these later this year.


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