Freeze Dried Survival Food — What’s the Best Value?


Freeze Dried Survival Food — What’s the Best Value?

As the world political climate heats up and personal liberty seems more threatened, more people are becoming preppers. If the hockey really hits the fan, people are going to either be dependent on the government, on each other, or on their own supplies to get by, and the more people who rely on the government, the worse off we are.

The most basic staple in a survival scenario is food, of course. And if you’re laying in a big supply of the stuff, you need to make sure it will last (be well-preserved), that you can afford to buy plenty of it now, and that it actually tastes good (or at least okay). Freeze dried food seems to be the longest-lasting and most popular.

Here are some freeze dried long-term storage food options that we know of:

None of these are cheap, but some are less expensive than others. Costco offered something similar a few years ago, but unfortunately it seems to have been discontinued.

Right now, you can find 32-serving buckets of Mountain House on Amazon for 25% off. This is a solid deal, and if you’ve been waiting to pull the trigger, you might want to get these while they’re on sale. (Hat tip to reddit for the link.)

One of the advantages of the freeze-dried foods like Mountain House is that all you need is hot water to make a meal. If you’ve looked into some of the long-term emergency water filtration solutions we’ve reviewed here on AllOutdoor, you know that it’s not expensive to get pretty reliable drinking water if you have any sort of nearby water source. So the MH stuff is a good option.

Which of the above long-term food storage options have you tried, and which tasted the best? What you you think is the best overall value? Which brands did I leave out?

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