Would You Shoot an Albino or Piebald Deer?


Would You Shoot an Albino or Piebald Deer?

Albino deer are rare in most areas; I certainly haven’t seen one in person. But they do exist, as the photo above shows. There is often disagreement among hunters as to whether or not albino deer should be taken if the opportunity arises.

First of all, check the regulations of the area in which you hunt to find out whether it’s legal to take albino (all white hair) or piebald (partially white hair, often with a spotted appearance) deer.

Some say that such animals shouldn’t be killed because they are unusual and therefore beautiful. Others claim that those animals are genetically inferior and should be killed to strengthen the herd and to prevent the animal from dying a miserable death due to disease, to which albino animals are more susceptible than “normal” deer.

Personally, I don’t see anything wrong with taking an albino or piebald deer, which would make a very unique “trophy” to remind the hunter of the day when that unique animal was taken (which is what a trophy is for).

I don’t buy the premise that “It’s beautiful/unique, so it shouldn’t be killed.” If we lived by that rule, no hunter would ever take a deer. All deer are beautiful and unique.

If I got the chance to take an albino or piebald deer, I’m not 100% sure what I would do. But all other things being equal, I would probably take it.

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