The H&K 416 “Bin Laden Gun”: Pics and Specs


The H&K 416 “Bin Laden Gun”: Pics and Specs

I was surfing The Reptile House Blog and came across the above pic of a real Tier 1 operator’s gun, complete with plenty of wear and tear from hard use. This was posted on Larry Vickers’ Facebook page, and of course it precipitated plenty of H&K hate in the comments. (I actually can’t find the post now, and it looks like it has been deleted. If anyone knows why, please let us know the story there.)

In a comment on a later FB post, Vickers calls the Bin Laden gun his pick for the single most famous gun in the modern era. Of course, the above gun isn’t actually a shot of the exact gun that killed Bin Laden, but it is a real Seal Team Six gun, so it’s as close as we’re likely to get.

In fact, the gun appears to belong to Mark Owen, a former ST6 operator and author of No Easy Day, a first-hand account of the Bin Laden raid. Owen posted a partial shot of the gun on his Instagram Account, and the above shot shows the full gun.

Owen also posted a list of what went into this particular tricked-out build. So if you want to pimp out your HK 416 like a real operator, then here you go:

  • 10-inch barrel
  • AAC Suppressor (probably the M4-2000) – $850
  • Geissele trigger – $465
  • Remington RAHG
  • Surefire Scout light – $290
  • S&S Precision light mount – $170
  • Magpul vert grip – $25
  • Magpul stock ~ $100
  • LBT/Viking tactics AOR1 rail
  • EOTech 3x magnifier – $490
  • Advanced Target Pointer Illuminator Aiming Laser (ATPIAL) – $5,130

I added approximate street prices to the above for the stuff I could find a price for. You can pick up the semi-auto civilian version of the 416, the MR556, for around $3,300. Plus about $7,520 worth of add-on gear, some of which civilians can’t actually get, puts you at about $11,000. That’s a lot of money to spend on one build, but of course most of that is that crazy laser pointer thing. I’m assuming that he went with the LEO-only EOTech one, but you can find cheaper ones in the $2,000 range.

Incidentally, some shops are selling the base model of this gun (the trigger and a few other upgrades) as a kind of SOF package. For instance, here’s a Gunbroker listing for such a gun.

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