Montie Design Knife – Ideal for Prep Blade


Montie Design Knife – Ideal for Prep Blade

Montie Design, based out of Morrisville, North Carolina, is developing a reputation for its design capabilities and core competencies in mechanical engineering and industrial design.

Montie Design has already been well into production of a number of highly ingenuous hunting and shooting products, including their line of camping items, shooting rests, archery and hunting accessories, AR rifle cleaning rests, and AR racks. Everything they do is highly creative and precision machined.

The Montie Design Knife is a simple enough name for a product that appears anything but simple. At least, it seems that way to the casual observer like me. At first glance after unwrapping the knife, it quickly becomes obvious just how lightweight this knife really is. It’s a featherweight for sure, easy to grip, and easy to wield for a number of camping, kitchen, hunting, and fishing applications.

“The Montie Gear Knife is ultra-lightweight with a very distinctive aluminum sheath, offering a one-handed release of the locking mechanism for very quick access, even with gloves on,” says Montie Roland, President of Montie Design/Montie Gear. Even his product descriptions are precise.“The knife itself is easily removed from its aluminum holster by pushing on the stainless steel release with your thumb. This makes for a versatile knife that is at home anywhere from the shoulder strap of your outdoors backpack to a ladies purse.”

Roland continued. “The knife blade is designed to be easy-to-sharpen and is replaceable. If you break a blade, we have a paid service where you ship the knife back to us and we can replace the broken blade and return it. This level of serviceability is critical in an ultra-lightweight blade. Each blade is hand sharpened and ready for use, and we also offer a sharpening service.”

The Montie Gear Knife is also available with a paracord wrap on the handle. Customers can choose the 550 paracord wraps in various colors including digital desert camo, ACU woodland camo, black, or pink.

The Montie Gear Knife can complement any hunting pack, fishing tackle box, vehicle glove compartment, or other storage/access options. Due to its sheer weight, you will never notice its presence.

The sheath release is a positive in both the withdrawal of the knife and its insertion back into the sheath. The lock up is very good, so there is little fear it won’t hook up tight or be lost later. The paracord wrap is a nice grip feature offering a bit of cushion for a firm hold.

The skeletonized design of both the knife and the sheath permits easy cleaning and promotes quick drying. The “clamp” lock on design allows the knife to be positively hooked on straps, belts, and other access points.

For hunting, the Montie Gear Knife would be great for cutting, trimming, or caping work. It would filet a fish in a minute. Naturally it has universal applications for any cutting job around the house or the camp.

Montie Design has hit another home run with its first new knife design. Check out their website to order one.


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