Compact Hydra AR Rifle Fits in a Pistol Case


Compact Hydra AR Rifle Fits in a Pistol Case

MG Industries (MGI) has offered their MARCK-15 Hydra AR-reminiscent rifle for some time now. Its design allows users to change barrels in less than one minute and to change calibers in less than two minutes.

Even more interesting is that the system offers modular mag wells, and with the correct parts this rifle can accept both 5.56 NATO magazines and AK 7.62×39 magazines, along with a number of others, as well. You can also swap uppers to burn handgun groceries like 45 ACP. It’s mighty keen.

These guns have been around for a few years now, but the latest word is that the company will be shipping all new production Hydras in pistol cases. Not only does it illustrate how very compact the rifles can be, but it also saves shipping and shelf space for dealers and makes storage easier for buyers. Nice.

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