Browning Competition Knife Outdoor Test

   04.15.14 Browning Competition Knife Outdoor Test

This week’s video is less about destruction and more about using this particular knife in the wild. The Browning Competition Knife is the star this week, and it garners a favorable review from Noss after he tries out various tasks with it, including whittling, chopping, batoning, and cutting free hanging rope. It’s a nice change of scenery for Noss, who is impressed with the knife’s ability to cut through wood with ease. He notes that the 10″ knife blade isn’t very flexible and remains stable throughout the brief tests.

“It takes deep bits in the wood and gets through them quickly with minimal effort and energy,” he says. Later, he remarks, “I wish it had more forward weight on it,” and it’s one of the few criticisms he gives the knife. The Browning Competition Knife retails for $183 and is available through Browning’s website.

There’s just two videos to watch this week, so check ’em out below by clicking on the Playlist tab for parts 1 and 2. Visit our Knife Tests page for past destruction tests, and check every Tuesday for a new video.


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