Special Forces Sniper vs. Olympic Sharpshooter


Special Forces Sniper vs. Olympic Sharpshooter

Okay, it wasn’t really a competition — more like a joint exercise. Special Forces sniper Nick Irving, along with a few other former military shooters, took Olympian Amanda Furrer out into the El Paso desert for a few days of long-range precision shooting. Irving wanted to learn more about the world of Olympic sport shooting, and Furrer wanted to get a feel for the sniper’s craft as it’s practiced in the wild.

Irving’s SOFREP site has a great writeup of the encounter, along with some video. It’s definitely worth a watch if you’re into long range shooting.

Furrer definitely held her own with the Special Forces crew, nailing a human-torso-sized target at 1,100 yards on her second shot with Irving’s personal rifle and round. This was out in the desert, with mirage effects, wind, and all the other challenges a shooter faces in the wild. Pretty insane.

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