Buck Nighthawk Destruction Test

   04.29.14 Buck Nighthawk Destruction Test

This week’s video is a five-part destruction test of the Buck Nighthawk. The Nighthawk is available through various retailers for about $73.

To test the blade, Noss first slices through a lemon and peels an apple. The edge is sharp enough that these tasks are easily completed. The knife then slices through webbing and is hammered through a piece of wood. The blade begins to show a bit of damage after this, but it’s still able to carve notches into a wood plank.

The knife performs well enough for a metal and concrete test and remains intact until a pressure test, which snaps the tip of the blade. It is still usable for an additional material tests, but eventually it breaks again during a final pressure test. The handle, too, remains durable until beaten with a hammer.

Watch the destruction tests below. View the playlist by clicking the “Playlist” tab in the upper left corner. Catch up on previous destruction tests at


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