This Infographic Compares Camping Gear of the Past and Present


This Infographic Compares Camping Gear of the Past and Present

Summer camping season is right around the corner, and enthusiastic campers are aflutter with lists of supplies and budgets for new gear. It’s easy to forget that the best camping is simple and is intended to be an escape from the hustle and bustle of daily life.

This infographic, created by Eastern Mountain Sports, compares popular camping items from history and from the present. While it’s great to have tools that improve our lives, safety, and outdoor experiences, it’s nice to have some reverence for the tools that served as precursors to what we now own and love. And although Eastern Mountain Sports calls the new essentials “better” (I am partial to modern tents), sometimes there’s nothing quite as good as a trek through the mountains with a paper map and a canvas bag strapped to your back.

Check out the infographic below and leave a comment with your favorite camping essential.

Then/ Now: Same Camping Gear Essentials, But Better

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