Busse FBM Field Test

   05.13.14 Busse FBM Field Test

Once again, this week’s is less about destruction and more about testing the Busse FBM for outdoor use. The FBM–which is an initialism for “Fat Battle Mistress”–is a 16 in. long knife with a 10 in. blade. It doesn’t seem to be available through Busse’s store currently, but it is for sale through independent retailers or individuals.

Noss starts by using the knife to cut through roots underground. He then cuts notches through a thick branch. The size of this knife makes it a good choice for bushcraft. Afterward, Noss uses the blade against a fire starter to get a small fire going. It takes a while, but eventually a fire emerges.

Noss shares some night footage of his campout and continues testing the knife the following day. The knife struggles a bit to cut through another branch but does create some deep notches. The last part of the test shares some footage of the knife and Noss’ commentary.

This 3-part test is shorter than the usual destruction tests. View the playlist by clicking the “Playlist” tab in the upper left corner. Catch up on previous destruction tests at, and check back every Tuesday for a new test.

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