Busse FBM Ranger RD7 GB Axe Field Test

   05.20.14 Busse FBM Ranger RD7 GB Axe Field Test

This week’s video is technically an axe test; it’s also a field test, rather than a destruction test. I think this is a nice change of pace from the other tests we’ve shared so far, especially with impending summer activities requiring the use of an axe. Info on this axe is hard to come by, but web consensus is that it’s a durable and reliable item like other Busse products.

In this 6-part video, Noss uses this axe for typical tasks: digging a hole through brush, cutting wood of various sizes into campfire-size pieces, and chopping a substantial tree trunk in half. The axe performs accordingly, and withstands two days worth of frequent chopping. Noss also includes footage of a nighttime camp out and uses the axe to keep firewood accessible.

Check out the field test below. View the playlist by clicking the “Playlist” tab in the upper left corner. Catch up on previous destruction tests at, and check back every Tuesday for a new test.

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