Gum Creek’s Concealment Vehicle Mount


Gum Creek’s Concealment Vehicle Mount

One of the questions that often arises is what is the best manner to carry a handgun in a vehicle that is both readily available and also concealed to any outside prying eyes? If the vehicle driver does not wish to be wearing the gun on their person inside the vehicle, he has to look for a place to stash the gun inside his car or truck.

The options can be limited in most cars, SUVs, or pickup trucks. Center consoles either have a top that closes down, or the weapon would need to be sitting out in the open for it to be reached quickly when needed. Glove compartments are completely out of the picture, especially if the vehicle is still moving, because reaching them is cumbersome, dangerous, or even beyond reasonable reach. Some latches can be problematic to open quickly, as well.

Likewise the side door panels might be a choice, but these can be difficult to reach into to extract a handgun while concentrating vision through the windshield. Even a pistol stuck down between the seat and the console is far from the best choice, as we would be simply putting the gun down on the floorboard in front of the car seat.

The overhead visor would be a poor choice, as well. There would be difficulty in securing a pistol above the visor and holding it there without it slipping out. And what if you actually needed to use the visor as a sun visor? Then the handgun would be in full view or it might fall out into the driver’s lap. Let’s hope the safety is on or the chamber is empty.

Gum Creek Customs has a line of vehicle gun concealment holsters and mounts that are worth looking at in this situation. These handgun mounts go under the steering column of your vehicle where the gun can be easily reached right or left hand while still remaining well concealed under the steering wheel mechanism. Even a casual walker by would likely never see a handgun mounted in one of the Gum Creek mounts with the proper holster in use.

The Gum Creek mount hooks go directly into the gap below the vehicle steering wheel column and secures at the bottom of the dashboard or lower kick panel. The mount strap is then pulled tight to draw the holster close up to the panel below the steering column. The driver/user can easily release the mount system in moments to securely put it away, take it out of the vehicle altogether, or to put in a backpack or briefcase when departing the vehicle.

Many standard holster models can be used to attach to the Gum Creek mount or a holster specific to your firearm can be purchased from the company. Holster sizes and options can be seen on the company web site. Optional mounting straps are also available for vehicle models that don’t have a mounting gap below the steering column.

So, if you want to carry a pistol with you in a vehicle that is both secured and concealed, the Gum Creek Custom rig is a great option. It will be easy to reach, but remain out of sight from strangers casually passing by the vehicle.


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