Chris Reeve GB Destruction Test

   05.27.14 Chris Reeve GB Destruction Test

This week’s destruction test features the Green Beret (GB) by Chris Reeve. Although it’s a Chris Reeve brand knife, it was designed by “renowned knife maker and designer Bill Harsey, with function and manufacturing input from Chris Reeve.” It’s referred to as a “no-nonsense, hardworking tool,” and that’s reflected in the design. The Green Beret, referred to as the Yarborough by the U.S. Army Special Forces, comes in two sizes–5.5″ and 7″.

Noss puts the GB through the standard destruction tests–cutting, chopping, batoning, sheet metal penetration, hammer impacts, side tang impacts, and a flex test.

He states, “The Green Beret is a nice cutter and has some very sharp functional serrations. The exposed metal around the handles looks nice but did a number on my hands and fingers during some of the impact work.”

When this destruction test was originally posted, it ended up being somewhat controversial. The knife starts out well enough, but the hammer impact resulted in “catastrophic failure.” At that point, the knife did not hold up well. Noss sent the knife back to Chris Reeve for analysis; the official statement in response was that the knife was “not defective.”

“This confirms the test was done with a non-defective knife and the knife failed this hard use test simply because it was not up to the task and hard nature of this test,” says Noss. He goes on to say, “This test is designed to separate fact from fiction concerning hard use combat knives with video proof of the results. Mission accomplished.”

You can check out the test for yourself in the 4-part video below. Catch up on previous knife tests at

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