Get a Jump on Fall Hunting with Hunter’s Specialties Rebates


Get a Jump on Fall Hunting with Hunter’s Specialties Rebates

Hunter’s Specialties has been around for thirty years now, which is no mean feat in the hunting world. They’ve been successful by coming up with useful product that hunters like. And now, they’re offering to give you some bucks if you buy their stuff for hunting bucks.

It’s a long-running program, which started on June 1, 2014 and runs until January 31, 2015.

A number of $5.00 rebates are being offered; here’s a quick rundown:

Premium 2 Hot Does (pheromone-stabilized scent attractant)
Premium 180 Day Estrus (pheromone-stabilized scent attractant)
Scent-A-Way® Max Fresh Earth Odor Control Spray
Scent-A-Way® Max Continuous Spray
Scent-A-Way® Fresh Earth Scent Control Kit
Scent-A-Way® Max Odor Control Spray
Scent-A-Way® Odorless Scent Control Kit
Vita-Rack® 26 Liquid Gorge® (deer feed supplement/attractant)
Vita-Rack® 26 Gorge® (deer feed supplement/attractant)

You can find rebate details here:
Vita-Rack rebate
Scent-A-Way rebate
Scent Attractant rebate

I’ve used HS Scent-A-Way products for years, and I feel like it’s helped my hunting. It sure hasn’t hurt!

Here’s what HS has to say about these product lines:

Hunter's Specialties Premium 180 Day Estrus
Hunter’s Specialties Premium 180 Day Estrus
(image courtesy of Hunter’s Specialties)



“…Premium 2 Hot Does and Premium180 Day Estrus deer lures… were developed by Hunter’s Specialties in conjunction with renowned lure developer, Mark June. Both lures utilize revolutionary pheromone stabilization technology during urine collection along with a combination of unique ingredients to produce a powerful attractant.”

Hunter's Specialties Scent-A-Way® Odorless Scent Control Kit
Hunter’s Specialties Scent-A-Way® Odorless Scent Control Kit
(image courtesy of Hunter’s Specialties)






“Hunter’s Specialties new Scent-A-Way MAX features activated odor scrubbers that aggressively attract and attack bacterial odors generated by humans and neutralizes a wide range of environmental odors for quicker, stronger, longer MAXimum protection.”

Hunter's Specialties Vita-Rack® 26 Gorge® granular and liquid
Hunter’s Specialties Vita-Rack® 26 Gorge® granular and liquid (image courtesy of Hunter’s Specialties)



“Vita-Rack 26 Gorge contains Vita-Rack 26, a blend of high quality vitamins and minerals that provide everything a deer needs to reach its genetic potential. Deer that regularly ingest Vita-Rack 26 are healthier throughout the year, which helps provide increased body weight and better antler growth. Vita-Rack 26 Gorge is packed with 28% protein and 16% fat. It is not only a superior attractant to bring in big bucks every year, but Vita-Rack 26 Gorge is also a key tool in wildlife management.”

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