Boreal21 Folding Bow Saw


Boreal21 Folding Bow Saw

Whether you’re an astronaut, a survivalist, or just an avid outdoor enthusiast, gear weight means everything. Meaning, the less of it the better; a long trek reveals that even the smallest items can add a noticeable amount of burden to your back.


d93be983a9d62804d686e8eb770befb2_largeThis is what the Boreal21 seeks to alleviate. The Boreal21 is a folding bow saw currently fundraising on Kickstarter. Although the Boreal21 isn’t the first folding bow saw, Canadian company Agawa Canyon Inc. wanted to ensure that the saw was simple, efficient, and reliable to use. The name of the tool refers to the 21″ length of the saw. The saws come with a sling sheath that can be easily transported on your back.

At press time, the Boreal21 had raised $8,994 CAD of its $18,000 CAD goal with 31 days to go on the campaign. It looks promising that they’ll meet their goal. Those who pledge more than $54 CAD will receive a first run edition of the Boreal21.

tumblr_m72inuhQPY1rsy50kThe saw is available with several handle color options including forest green, yellow, or a matte black finish on the metal (or a combination of several options). There are also three saw blade options: all purpose, dry seasoned wood, and aggressive “Sidney Rancher” made specifically for the Boreal21. With these options, you can make a folding saw that works for your exact needs.

Modular and collapsible camping tools can make a trip just a bit easier to prepare for. And you can pull a Hawkeye when you bust out the Boreal21 with your friends. Just don’t poke anyone’s eyes out.


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