CRK Project II Destruction Test

   07.01.14 CRK Project II Destruction Test

chris-reeve-project-ii-with-sheath-left-70chevelless-kf_20110927_1503202436This week’s destruction test features the Chris Reeve Project II knife. This knife has a strong reputation online, as do many Reeve knives. Although this knife is hard to track down due to its discontinued status, some sites like still have information about where to get it. The CRK Project II is a one-piece knife, which means there’s no separation between the handle and blade. The 7.5 in. blade is made from A2 tool steel, which Knife Collectors says is┬ánot “as resistant to rust as stainless steel.” The style of this blade also means it’s less likely to “break at the tang.”

This destruction test starts off with cutting fruit and slicing through webbing. Despite its size, the blade appears to do this pretty easily. Next, Noss hacks away at some wood, and notches form quickly in the plank. The knife splits a piece of wood almost instantly when hammered with another wood piece. After some additional webbing slicing, Noss bores the knife tip-first into wood. He does the same with a piece of metal. The knife does well until a mallet on the spine breaks off the entire blade from the handle. This demonstrates the weakness of this design, although it’s a design that works well for many tasks where the impact is more evenly distributed.

Check out the playlist of the 4-part destruction test below and get caught up on past tests at

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