New Amelia Earhart Lives Up to Namesake


New Amelia Earhart Lives Up to Namesake

73 years after Amelia Earhart made her famous voyage–and never returned–a woman is taking her namesake to heart for her own journey around the world.

Amelia and her co-pilot, Shane Jordan.
Amelia and her co-pilot, Shane Jordan.

The young Earhart, a 31-year old woman whose parents named her after the famous pilot, is currently traveling the world with co-pilot Shane Jordan in a Pilatus PC-12 NG. The trip in its entirety spans 23,400 nautical miles.

With a background in weather reporting, Earhart received her pilot’s licence in 2010 and is an advocate for girls becoming pilots.

According to Mashable’s interview with the modern Earhart, “the original Earhart flew a Lockheed Electra 10E with a twin engine.” The Pilatus PC-12 NG requires fuel ever 2,500 miles. The two-week journey began on July 3, and Earhart will land in Oakland once the journey is over.

Earhart is tracking her journey on Twitter, using hashtag #flywithamelia, and others can follow along on the map that traces her expedition.

Earhart’s journey is, in part, a way for her to award scholarships to aspiring female pilots worldwide. She runs the Amelia Earhart Project. She plans to focus on her foundation fulltime upon returning from her trip. Follow along with the expedition via #flywithamelia on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. Check out some of our favorite snapshots from her trip so far:

View more pictures at the Amelia Foundation.

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