New Book Advocates Becoming a Marauder if TSHTF


New Book Advocates Becoming a Marauder if TSHTF

Even though the pseudonymous author of the new book Doomsday Marauders is clearly a terrible person, I think it’s great that this book is out there. What is it? It’s basically a how-to manual for turning yourself into a member of one of those roving gangs of bad guys who pop up in every work of apocalyptic fiction–whether they’re the wasteland raiders from Mad Max or the Fallout video game series, or more recently the “Claimers” on The Walking Dead.

From the website:

Prepping is not the answer. Sure, you need to have some supplies on hand to get going, but the only real way to keep living, and thriving, is by looking for what you need and then taking it. Everybody else out there will be doing, or trying, the same thing. I’ll show you how- Why me? Because I’m the real thing, the original Marauder- Read “About Me” if you’re serious at all about this subject, or if you have any doubt…

I’m putting everything you need to know out there and up front. My book shows you how you might survive, even thrive after the Fall. There’s only one way, by being a Marauder. Throughout this website I begin to describe what you will face, how you should handle it, and what you will need to do it. My book, of course, goes into greater detail. This doesn’t mean just grabbing a gun and ripping off those idiots on “Doomsday Preppers,” or even a simple challenging of the significantly more dangerous, mindless bands of raiders and looters taking stuff and attacking at gunpoint, as I encountered in Liberia and Sierra Leone. I’m talking about professional, systematic and organized operations, many occurring simultaneously, designed to take from others what you need, when you need it. Does this sound harsh to you? Then wake the hell up! In that new world out there they will be coming for you, make no mistake. They will be coming for you and they will find you. They will shoot your dog. They will brutally rape your wife and your daughters. They will burn down your home. They will kill you. You want that? You think because you bought an AR-15 and a 9mm that you can actually stop them?

Yep, that is definitely one approach to the whole doomsday thing. It’s not my approach, but it’ll be the approach of plenty of people, which brings me to the reason I said above that I appreciate this book: because it will hopefully help counter some of the idiocy I see in prepper discussions. Specifically, the classic “I bought a bunch of acreage to bug out to, and I’m going to shoot any bad guys who show up and try to squat on it” claim.

I addressed this in my very first post on this site:

My favorite example of this is the bug-out location discussion, where a prepper fantasizes about buying big stretch of land so that he and his little family of four will be safe there from the bad guys.

“Then, if the bad guys come on mah land, Imma shoot ‘em!” is the standard conclusion to such threads. But as Ferfal has pointed out numerous times about the Argentinian collapse, and as anyone who’s read enough Medieval or ancient history knows, the people who live on isolated farms are the most screwed in a WROL (“without rule of law”) scenario. Why? Because in the woods, no one can hear you scream for help.

In periods of lawlessness — which describes most eras of human history for most of humanity — the bad guys don’t roll up to your house in a post-apocalyptic war wagon, wearing special raider outfits and shooting AK-47′s into the air. No, they wear normal clothes, and while you’re out there on your porch peering through your rifle scope to see if that shiny Cadillac Escalade coming up your long driveway has a belt-fed machine gun and some human skulls mounted on it (it doesn’t), a few well-dressed psychos have slipped around back and are about to rape you, torture you, and leave you for dead. Congratulations! You’re about to accidentally rediscover why humans have always huddled together in tribes, villages, and walled towns throughout the lawless ages.

Your fences and property lines mean nothing to anyone in TSHTF, and you can’t patrol and secure all that acreage, nor are you truly prepared to just open fire at long range on anyone who shows up on “your land.”

Whether you agree with this guy’s approach or not, anything that shakes people out of their The Swiss Family Robinson fantasies is a good thing.

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