How to Find AK-47, Saiga, and Vepr Guns In-Stock


How to Find AK-47, Saiga, and Vepr Guns In-Stock

If you’re part of the current mad rush to buy up Kalashnikov guns, then you probably already know that they’re selling out everywhere. Well, here’s a public service announcement for how to find the few that are left: try’s gun search engine.

I’m a little bit biased in saying that IronSights is the best gun and ammo search engine on the net since I had a hand in building it, but it is an objective fact that IronSights is the largest gun and ammo search engine out there. We’re currently crawling 220 sites, and we’re just short of 1 million in-stock products in our listings index. (We hope to pass the 1 million mark by the end of the month as we add more sites.)

Even though we aggressively refresh the listings from each site on a daily basis, the Kalashnikov Concern guns are selling out faster than we can track them. For most sites in our index, we refresh a least once every 24 hours. The smaller ones are refreshed multiple times per day. So with some of these sites, I’m literally sitting here and watching them sell out as the day progresses. At any rate, because the guns are selling out faster than we refresh the index, you’ll still come across some sold out listings in there, which isn’t normally the case.

As of today, I’m still seeing some Saigas in stock, as well as some in stock Veprs. AK’s are harder to come by, but if you know specifically what you want then you can probably find one, still.

Anyway, good luck, and happy hunting. Hopefully by the time you see this post you’ll still be able to find what you’re looking for.

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