“Defender” Self-Defense Tool Sends Photo, Sounds Alarm, Disables Attacker


“Defender” Self-Defense Tool Sends Photo, Sounds Alarm, Disables Attacker

Ain’t technology grand? Sometimes, that is. And if a new device simply called “The Defender” performs as advertised, it can help catch criminals and help victims.

Billed as “smart personal protection,” this nifty device can snap a photo and send it to the cops, sound an alarm to alert folks nearby that something’s going down, and emit a blast of pepper spray that can temporarily disable a bad guy. A second button may be pushed to summon emergency medical services.

This little gadget used Bluetooth to pair with a smart phone, and a companion app for iOS and Android takes care of the technical stuff–which means that it sends data to the “EVERYWHERE SECURITY Monitoring Service,” which then relays it to police and/or medical services so they can respond to the scene. The transmitted data may include the photo, the GPS location of the phone, and any other information you authorize them to share.

The Defender, next to a smart phone.
The Defender, next to a smart phone. (Photo courtesy of Pangaea Services Incorporated)

Users must be at least 18 years of age in order to use the monitoring service.

It appears that The Defender will soon become a reality, as the $100,000 Indiegogo goal has been exceeded in a very short time.

The biggest expense of using The Defender will naturally be the monitoring service. If you wish to be an early adopter, slip them $159 and you’ll get a Defender, the mobile app, and one year of monitoring. Projected post-launch price will be $14.99 for the unit and $19.99 per month for monitoring, which would add up to about $255 for the first year.

This could be a great self defense tool in an urban setting where cell signal is great, and/or in areas where you can’t tote a firearm.

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