The Birth of a Tool, Part 2


The Birth of a Tool, Part 2
John Neeman’s Timber Framing Chisel.

It’s Friday, and if you’re like me, you might be gearing up for some fun weekend adventurers. What’s a more satisfying endeavor than making a tool from scratch? It’s a great weekend to fire up the forge! Earlier this week, we shared part 1 of John Neeman Tools’ “The Birth of a Tool” series. That video showed the process of creating an axe entirely from scratch. Part 2 is about making a chisel.

The video begins with metal heating in a forge inside a rustic workshop; aside from some modern tools and technology, it’s almost a timeless location. The metal is then shaped, hammered, and heat treated. Once the chisel is complete, the craftsman makes the handle, bringing in a plank of wood from the snowy landscape surrounding the workshop. The wood is cut down to size and then painstakingly shaped and sanded until a beautiful smooth piece emerges. It’s then affixed to the metal, sanded a bit more, stained, and waxed. The logo of the company is then etched into the wood.


Check out the video below for some weekend inspiration, and watch Part 1 here.

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