Fallkniven A1 Destruction Test

   08.05.14 Fallkniven A1 Destruction Test

Last we shared the basic (meaning, non-destructive) test for the Swedish-made Fallkniven A1, a survival knife that costs around $400. Although that’s a bit of a hefty price for a survival knife, given the other options available, they assure that it’s heavy-duty knife.

In this video, Noss tests this theory by putting the Fallkniven A1 through a destruction test. As a teaser, here are some of the photos of the knife after the destruction test:

Fallkniven A1 photo 1

Fallkniven A1 photo 2

Fallkniven A1 photo 6

Noss employs his usual tactics to push the knife to its limits, including slicing fruit, splitting wood, and boring holes in metal. After these tasks, the knife edge shows a bit of wear, but it’s still usable and able to slice through webbing. A couple whacks against concrete also chip away at the metal. The knife still holds on even as it’s malleted into wood. A pressure test eventually splits the blade.

Those photos might intrigue you to see how it all plays out, so check out the 7-part video below. Catch up on past tests at

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