Hiding in Plain Sight: Furniture to Hide Your Guns


Hiding in Plain Sight: Furniture to Hide Your Guns

Guns are great. They just are. They’re valuable tools in a pinch, and they need to be there when you need them. In your home, it’s great to keep one or more guns handy, and it’s wise to keep them out of sight. Lately, I’ve been seeing a lot more furniture that functions and looks like “regular” furniture while doubling as a hiding place for firearms.

Concealing guns in this way is a good idea for a number of reasons. It often keeps firearms conveniently stored in the areas where you spend most of your time in case of emergency. Drawing attention to your guns by hanging them on the wall or displaying them in a glass case may cause them to become targets of theft. Having them out in the open allows them to get dusty and may let children or other untrained people handle them. Also, concealment may save you from losing valuable firearms if your home is burglarized when you’re away.

The possibilities are really only limited by your imagination. Here are a few products that may give you an idea of what’s out there for hiding your stuff in plain sight.

CouchBunker Custom Sofa Couch Safe
CouchBunker Custom Sofa Couch Safe (Photo courtesy of Heracles Research)

The CouchBunker may be one of the most extreme products out there as it combines several desirable features: It’s a fire-rated safe hidden within a custom built sofa or couch, and you can choose to get bullet resistant cushions for it. The cushions can serve as portable personal shields against gunfire and other attacks, and they say they “will stop a 44 Magnum at point blank range.” The Made-in-USA safe within will hold up to thirty rifles and other goodies.

Lightweight versions for boats and RVs are available, and you can get a matching ottoman safe if you like.

Step Back Curio by Secret Compartment Furniture
Step Back Curio by Secret Compartment Furniture (Photo courtesy of Secret Compartment Furniture)

Secret Compartment Furniture has one of the widest selections I’ve seen of attractive handmade furnishings with hidden compartments for your firearms or other valuables. Their products are handmade by Amish craftsmen and are built to order so you can easily customize any of the items you see on their site. Sizes range from bedside tables to book cases, and many things in between.

LedgeLOKR Shelf With Locking Secret Compartment
LedgeLOKR Shelf With Locking Secret Compartment (Photo courtesy of LedgeLOKR)

LedgeLOKR shelves allow you to hide items in a locking compartment inside a high quality, good-looking wood shelf. Several sizes are available, and they also offer non-mechanical versions that look the same so you can balance your decor without breaking the bank. They’ve got shorter ones as seen in the photo, plus longer ones for storing rifles or shotguns.

Oak Coffee Table by New Jersey Concealment Furniture
Oak Coffee Table by New Jersey Concealment Furniture (Photo courtesy of New Jersey Concealment Furniture)

New Jersey Concealment Furniture lists quite a few products on their website, from peg board coat racks to wall shelves, hutches, night stands, and more.

This is only a sampling of what’s available. I hope it gives you some ideas for securing your irons.

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