This Guy Bought a 9mm Pistol for Less Than $137


This Guy Bought a 9mm Pistol for Less Than $137

Climbing prices for guns and ammo have often been an obstacle for shooters, but that doesn’t mean you have to spend a bunch to get a gun that goes bang, as a recent Reddit post illustrates.

User myspamhere said, “…for a total of $136.76, I have a new 9mm with a lifetiAme warranty. Will I use this for CCW? Are you nuts????? Will I use it to shoot round after round of cheap freedom arms reloads 9mm at the range? Yes. Will I take it for a boat gun, and not worry too much? Yes.”

The pistol in question is a Hi-Point, a brand name that often brings groans and sobs from shooters. How can anything so cheap and ugly be any good? Well, sometimes they have problems, but so do most other brands. And most of those who commented on the post had good things to say about Hi-Point pistols.

One poster’s comment that “It’ll throw the rounds down range” reminded me of Dad, and I recalled with a smile his story of meeting a guy at the range and asking the fellow about the gun he’d been shooting. The guy just smiled and said, “It’ll sling ’em out there!”

That’s got to be a good thing.

I must admit that I didn’t realize these ugly guns were still so cheap. It’s almost worth buying a bunch of them so you’ll always have one handy. Hmmm….

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