Another Voice Against Nugent


Another Voice Against Nugent

If I’ve learned anything in my years as a gun writer, it’s that not everyone on the “pro” side of the gun rights debate can agree on everything. I have been called a whiner, pathetic, politically correct, a fifth columnist, and even “lefty” for supporting the case for booting Ted Nugent off the NRA’s board of directors. Happily, I have also seen plenty of support along the way, and I’m not the only writer to board the anti-Nuge bandwagon. For instance, Julie on Politics, who calls herself a “PA mom for clear-headed conservatism,” had this to say in a recent post: “Maybe the NRA enjoys the attention Nugent generates. Maybe it is afraid of sparking a backlash on the fringe. Maybe it simply doesn’t want to hand a victory to the gun grabbers on the left. None of these are sufficient reasons to continue supporting Nugent. As a proud gun owner and conservative, I am sick of being associated with him.” I have to agree, as did protesters at a recent New Jersey concert. As I’ve said before, we all have the right to say what we think–on our own. When representing other people, things change. A spokesperson accepts certain responsibilities by accepting that position, and I believe Ted is ignoring those responsibilities in order to feed his massive ego. The notion that it’s not good practice for a representative of lawful gun owners to call people “mongrels” and “chimpanzees” is hardly being “lefty” or “politically correct.” It’s just common sense, and millions of gun owners agree.

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