What Kinds of Guns Have Been Used in Ferguson?


What Kinds of Guns Have Been Used in Ferguson?

People from around the world have watched as American freedom shrinks, and nowhere has that been more apparent recently than in Ferguson, Missouri, USA. Ignoring the tyrannical aspects of operations there, though, true gun people very likely wonder what guns the police are toting around in MO.

One blogger recently took the time to try to identify some guns from press photos.

Police Sniper Soldier at Ferguson
(BBC News)

The TFB post called a close-range light and sight on this scoped AR-10 “puzzling,” but to me, adding those items was a simple “insurance” move, allowing a gun designed for sniping to be used for fighting at close range as well as far.

Police Troops at Ferguson
(BBC News)

A photo of walking troops–no other name is accurate for these street soldiers, who are certainly not peace officers–shows a mixture of modern short-barreled ARs carried alongside pump shotguns of a much older design.

It’s an interesting look at the weaponry being deployed in America’s streets.

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