Gransfors Bruks Mini Axe Destruction Test

   08.26.14 Gransfors Bruks Mini Axe Destruction Test

This week’s destruction test does not, in fact, feature a knife. It features the Gransfors Bruks Mini Axe, which is currently unavailable to purchase new, although it can still be found on forums or eBay.

Although a different tool is tested, the process goes similarly to other destruction tests. Noss first uses the axe to cut some notches into wood and then compares that against a large fixed blade. Unsurprisingly, the axe does well against the wood, ultimately fulfilling its purpose as an axe.

He then uses the axe to create dents in metal, which it does well. This eventually creates some wear on the blade edge. The axe also chips away at concrete significantly faster than other fixed blades; again, this is unsurprising, but the axe does take some damage.

The axe is then used as a hammer to drive nails into wood, and the edge is put to the test when malleted against some metal stock and pipes. After the edge has been damaged, Noss once again hacks at some wood, which the axe is still able to do well enough. Noss doesn’t completely destroy this axe, but it’s clear by the end of the videos that it’s taken a fair beating.

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