Video: Build This Super Awesome Tiny Crossbow


Video: Build This Super Awesome Tiny Crossbow

Sometimes, a little fun is absolutely necessary. And right now, it’s exactly what I need.

When a friend posted a video to my Facebook wall yesterday about the building of a tiny crossbow, I knew I needed to share it with you folks. It’s pretty cool. Some hot glue, popsicle sticks, spring hair clips, and string are combined to create a tiny matchstick-slinging creation that makes the heart of this toy-loving shooter skip a beat.

Any video that includes the words “This article of desktop weaponry… launches exploding-tip crossbow bolts” gets my attention. The demo is well done, and is well worth a watch.

I have always loved toys. I especially love toys that shoot. And I have begun loving crossbows in recent years.

In fact, once I’m done writing this I plan to go out and zero my Mission MXB Dagger crossbow in preparation for deer season. But before I do, I plan to watch the video again.


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