KA-BAR Destruction Test

   09.02.14 KA-BAR Destruction Test

This week’s features a popular knife: the KA-BAR. KA-BAR, as a brand, is synonymous with durable and affordable bushcraft and tactical knives. Noss puts this old favorite to the test in this three-part destruction test.

Noss begins by creating notches in a plank of wood, which does a surprising amount of damage to the blade. It’s not long before the tip of the blade snaps off and the edge of the blade shows considerable wear. Then, the knife is hit with a mallet to embed it into metal. It warps the metal but it takes a bit to break it off.

Noss clamps the blade into a vice and sets the handle on fire to melt it. The knife blade breaks in half due to the pressure of the clamp.

Check out the video below, and catch up on past tests at

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