Black Powder in the Dark of Night


Black Powder in the Dark of Night

Guns are cool, but black powder is hot.

If you’ve ever fired a gun, especially a revolver, in low light, you know the flash can be pretty dang bright, and black powder has the potential to make one heck of a flash. Well, some folks set out to get a photo of a low-light black powder revolver flash, and this is the result.

“This was shot in the early evening, out in a rural area,” says the photo caption. “We wanted to catch the muzzle blast as the black powder cartridge went off.”

The cartridge was 44 magnum, and he said it was loaded with 37 grains of FFFg black powder.

The gun was a Ruger Vaquero, old model.

It reportedly took about 35 rounds to get the timing just right and capture this image. Suh-weet!

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