A Look at Next Level Training’s SIRT 107 “M&P” Laser Training Pistol


A Look at Next Level Training’s SIRT 107 “M&P” Laser Training Pistol

Next Level Training’s SIRT (Shot Indicating Resetting Trigger) Laser Training pistol has become a hit with firearms instructors and shooters since its introduction in 2011. The original SIRT replicates the design of the Glock 17. The resetting trigger gives shooters a laser training tool that doesn’t require racking the slide after every shot the way a laser insert does. The pistol’s two laser system includes one laser that lights up during trigger take up and a second that activates to display the actual “point of impact” as the trigger breaks.

The team at Next Level Training has been working on a Smith & Wesson M&P version of the SIRT, the Model 107, for several years. I’ve been told that a number of prototypes are being tested by beta users in anticipation of an upcoming, full-scale commercial release.

In this video from the NRA Annual Meeting, Next Level Training CEO Mike Hughes demonstrates the new features that will be found on the Model 107 “M&P” SIRT Training Pistol.

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