Swiss Youths Compete With Guns


Swiss Youths Compete With Guns


That’s the name of a large youth shooting competition held annually in Zurich, Switzerland. Said to literally mean “boys’ shooting,” Knabenschiessen has been open to female participants since 1991.

A female shooter in Knabenschiessen
A female shooter in Knabenschiessen. (Imgur)

The shooting competition takes place at long range, using Swiss SIG service rifles. 2014’s winner was 17-year-old Milena Brennwald, who is only the fifth girl to win Knabenschiessen.

Prone shooters at Knabenschiessen
Prone shooters at Knabenschiessen. (Imgur)

The shooting event is clearly very structured and controlled, with safety a high priority. It serves to show how challenging and entertaining a shooting competition can be while also keeping everyone perfectly safe. We could do with a few more events of this nature here in the USA.

Young boy at Knabenschiessen
Young boy at Knabenschiessen. (Imgur)

Although the tradition of this competition dates back to the 1600s, the first official Knabenschiessen was held in 1889. The Swiss have a long tradition of gun ownership, prompting many myths and urban legends about gun ownership in Switzerland. To learn more, check out these Swiss gun ownership facts.

Young Girl at Knabenschiessen
Young Girl at Knabenschiessen. (Imgur)

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