Pro-Islam Group Asks Feds to Persecute Owner of Muslim-Free Gun Range


Pro-Islam Group Asks Feds to Persecute Owner of Muslim-Free Gun Range

Jan Morgan made headlines in September when she declared her wish to make her indoor gun range “a Muslim Free Zone.”

Morgan provided ten good reasons for her decision in a blog post on her media company’s website.

Ms. Morgan has had her life threatened by followers of Islam, which naturally tends to cause hard feelings. Catering to such people in her business, which involves loaded firearms in close proximity to her, would be utterly foolish.

Her Hot Springs, Arkansas indoor shooting range, The Gun Cave, has received a lot of attention over the past couple of weeks, and much support has been shown on their Facebook page.

I might not support her decision quite as strongly if I were a Muslim, but I would hope that I would. In a truly free society, any business can refuse service to anyone for any reason.

Naturally, any time someone exercises freedom of choice, someone will complain. There are always those who wish to use force to make others act within their personal code of behavior, and in this case it’s a pro-Islam group calling itself “Council on American-Islamic Relations.”

In a recent letter to Eric Holder and numerous other government officials, Council on American-Islamic Relations calls for Jan Morgan to be investigated by the U.S. Department of Justice because of her decision to serve only non-Muslims in her business.

How sad. I sincerely hope that government officials will ignore this letter and allow business owners to make their own decisions, as is right and proper in the USA.

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