Son Shoots Father to Save His Mother and Himself


Son Shoots Father to Save His Mother and Himself

Bay County, Florida – In a shooting ruled to be self defense and thus justifiable, 21-year-old Kyle Ivey was forced to shoot his 41-year-old father, James Ivey–after his father shot him.

Kyle’s parents had been fighting at home,¬†reportedly to the extent that his mother fled the home and hid from James, who then took off driving to look for her. When Kyle arrived home unaware of the conflict, he phoned his mother, who came back home.

When James returned home, Kyle tried to defend his mother and fight off his father, but his father grabbed a rifle, saying he was going to kill his wife. When Kyle interfered, James shot his son.

Kyle was able to get hold of a shotgun, with which he shot his father, who was later pronounced dead at the scene.

Kyle’s injuries were described as being to the “hand and abdomen.” Another source reported that Kyle is awaiting hip surgery in the hospital.

Ironically, this occurred on the very day the Bay County Sheriff’s Office held a workshop on domestic violence. October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month.

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