Georgia Laws Conflicted on School Carry


Georgia Laws Conflicted on School Carry

Georgia, USA – Two 2014 laws passed by the Georgia state legislature and signed two days apart are in direct conflict over whether residents can carry firearms onto school property.

The so-called “guns everywhere” law, House Bill 60, actually restricted some rights verified by House Bill 862, which allowed gun owners to carry them onto school property at any time. HB 60 repealed that portion of 862, however, and they reinstated previous restrictions that limited guns on school property to locked vehicles or when dropping off and/or picking up students.

Three Georgia fathers, James Johnson, Phillip Evans, and a third man, have filed separate lawsuits asking to be allowed to carry firearms to school events in order to protect their children from possible attacks, which would, of course, help protect all others there as well. (The third father has since dropped his case after removing his child from public school.)

Johnson’s lawyer, John Monroe, was quoted as saying of the ability to carry guns, “It’s clearly the overwhelming will of the people. It can’t just be thrown away.”

Unfortunately, Fulton County judge Kelly Lee Ellerbe has said in relation to Johnson’s case that she is leaning towards prohibition: “My inclination is to deny the injunction.” She said, adding, “It’s not my final ruling on this case.”

She said she was planning to research the matter before making a final decision, probably later this week.

Here’s hoping she finds for freedom.

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