Video: Store Robbery Stopped by Bug Spray


Video: Store Robbery Stopped by Bug Spray

Berlin, PA – Most of us have been advised that a can of wasp and hornet spray can be useful for deterring bad guys. It shoots a strong stream of chemical that will certainly aggravate and deter anyone it hits. When confronted by a would-be robber, store clerk Annabelle Miller didn’t hesitate to grab a nearby can of spray to stop the robbery.

A masked woman entered the store and appeared to be wearing gloves as well–a dead giveaway that she was up to no good. As Miller said, “That’s a heads up anyway.”

The masked woman tossed a bag on the counter and told Miller to fill it with money. Instead, Miller sauntered over to the register, reached under the counter, and grabbed a tall can of wasp and hornet spray. She gave it a shake and pointed it at the gal in the mask. Then after a short hesitation, with her left hand on her hip, she fired away.

Miller hosed the crook in the face with the spray, causing the miscreant to promptly leave the premises.

Fast thinking, but police warned against the dangers of confronting someone who may be armed–although Miller said that’s exactly why she did what she did: “I didn’t know if she had anything on her and I wasn’t letting her get to it first.”

When seconds count, police are minutes away. People need to take responsibility for their own safety, because police cannot protect us.

I think she did a great job of pest control with that bug spray.

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