DIY: A Simple Target Stand for Your Home Range


DIY: A Simple Target Stand for Your Home Range

I ran across this on reddit this afternoon. It shows a simple way to use common hardware to make a sturdy frame from which you can hang targets.

The frame is of iron water pipe with eye bolts, S-hooks, and chains used to attach hanging steel plates.

Elbows for Corners, Eye Bolts for Hanging Chains
Elbows for corners, eye bolts for hanging chains.

The targets don’t have to be steel, although that’s what this person used. The same concept could easily be used to hold wire mesh, then use spring clothesins to hold cardboard backers to the wire. Use a staple gun to attach targets to the backer.

The S-Hooks Probably Won't Last Long
The S-hooks probably won’t last long.

The thin S-hooks used on this one probably won’t last very long, although with limited use and/or rimfire rounds they might hang in there for quite a while.

Looks like a great way to have some fun, although the backstop leaves a bit to be desired.

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