Review: ScopeShield Scope Cover


Review: ScopeShield Scope Cover

One may ask just how much a product review writer could say about a simple device like a neoprene scope cover, but that’s hardly the point. If you have a hunting rifle of any kind with a scope mounted on it, then you need a high quality scope cover to protect it, and the ScopeShield is absolutely the best one I have used.

The ScopeShield scope cover isn’t just like any other optics protective cover. The unique design and features offer so much more in terms of user details with practical functions.

First and foremost, this cover is custom designed in specific size ranges to fit the exact scope length you have. So it is not just a universal cover sized M-L-XL to fit a general length of the scope tube and objective lens end. You have to measure your scope to get the right fit so it is a snug capture of the entire scope for complete protection.

Why a scope cover anyway? If you hunt much, obviously outdoors in the elements of dust, dirt, wind, rain, snow, sleet, muck, and mire of being in the woods or fields, then your scope is going to get abused just by being exposed to nature alone. Then comes the scratches, dents, and blemishes caused by getting in and out of vehicles, on and off all-terrain machines, climbing up and down tree stands, crossing over barbed wire fences, and all the other rough abuse your gun and scope can encounter outdoors. It’s part of the experience.

A high quality scope cover like this one will help greatly deter most of the everyday bangs and scratches, but mostly it is just going to keep the optical lens more clean and clear of dust, dirt, and moisture that dots the glass. I never leave home or camp without one installed in place.

So what is so unique about the ScopeShield rifle scope covers? It is unique because of the “keeper loop” sewn into the cover body. This loop is used with an attached rifle sling to retain the cover when it is removed from the scope. The cover just falls free of the rifle and is captured on the rifle under the barrel by this loop with the sling in place. Without a sling it can be held by a rubber band, as well. This is a neat feature for sure and one I have never seen on any other scope cover.

Also, the ScopeShield has a “grabber” loop on the eyepiece end of the cover that is used to release the cover from over the scope. This can easily be done even wearing heavy gloves which is another feature unique to this scope cover. A small detail for sure, but once you use it, you will be happy it is there. There is no fumbling trying to get the cover off to make a quick shot.

To remove the cover from your rifle scope in the field, simply grab the “grabber” loop with the thumb and index finger of your trigger hand, tug it backwards and up, and the cover will easily fly free of the scope and be caught and held by the “keeper” loop. This is so simple it is almost silly.

Like I said, the ScopeShield rifle cover comes in many different size ranges and a variety of colors and graphics. I hope they make one in hunter orange soon. Check out all the product details, sizes, colors, and graphics available on their web site at

To keep your rifle scope lenses clear, clean, dry, and ready to sight that trophy big game animal, then install a ScopeShield on your rifle scope. Made in the U.S.A. in Oregon, this scope cover really is unique, and the workmanship is top notch.

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