Researchers Propose Remotely Disabled Smart Guns


Researchers Propose Remotely Disabled Smart Guns

A while back, I suggested that the real promise of smart guns for the gun control crowd is that they could provide a way for them to do an end-run around the second amendment. Specifically, I raised the possibility that the technology would eventually be used by authorities to remotely disable guns in certain areas.

It seems some researchers are the University of Delaware are working on exactly this idea, as they’ve released a new paper entitled “Wireless-Delimited Secure Zones with Encrypted Attribute-Based Broadcast for Safe Firearms”.

They propose that guns include technology that will allow them to be automatically disabled when they get certain wireless signals, so that authorities could decide which guns could be used where.

Again, this basically nullifies the second amendment. It’s also totally impractical, because you’d still have to either confiscate and/or retrofit some 300 million existing firearms. Not gonna happen.

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