Russian Citizens Gaining Gun Rights


Russian Citizens Gaining Gun Rights

In a notable – albeit small – move towards individual liberty, the Russian government has now decided to allow its citizens the right to carry weapons – including firearms – with which to defend themselves.

Although licensing is required and strict guidelines will be enforced – the licenses must be renewed every five years and applicants must undergo a background check and attend training – this has got to be good news for many Russians, who live in a nation with one of the world’s highest murder rates.

Prohibitions on carrying these weapons apply to bars and night clubs, public gatherings (protests, street demonstrations, etc), and schools. It is also illegal to carry while under the influence of alcohol.

Current reports vary widely on what types of weapons may be carried under this revised law; some mention rifles, others do not. One article contradicted itself by reporting that “smoothbore long barrelled guns” are okay – then in the next sentence claiming that “long barrelled fire arms… are, however, forbidden by the law.”

Either way, it appears that the slow slog of freedom has inched forward in Russia – and about time, too. Here’s hoping it continues.

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