Husband and Wife Beaten, Tied up–But a Gun Finally Saved Them


Husband and Wife Beaten, Tied up–But a Gun Finally Saved Them

Lakewood, WA – Three men forced their way into a home, beat the husband and wife who lived there, and tied them up. The man was beaten with a handgun and the woman suffered a cut on her hand before they were trussed up, according to a local article.

The bad guys then began touring the house, looking for things to steal.

The man eventually freed himself and his wife, and when the criminals were all outside, he closed and locked the door and retreated with his wife to a bedroom where they kept a handgun.

Not having learned how to take no for an answer, the cornholes broke back into the house, intent on further assaulting the couple. When they burst through the bedroom door, however, the male resident fired two shots, hitting at least one of the bad guys.

All the criminals retreated and left the scene.

A 20-year-old later found dead 20 miles away is believed to have been hit by the homeowner–and may have been finished off by his accomplices.

This is a great example of why you shouldn’t answer your door unarmed unless you personally know and trust whoever’s seeking admittance into your home.

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