Magpul to (Almost) Leave Colorado by Early 2015


Magpul to (Almost) Leave Colorado by Early 2015

In the wake of moronic anti-gun laws passed in their home state of Colorado, Magpul industries took decisive action, deciding in March 2013 to move out of that state. In January of 2014, plans were announced to move manufacturing and distribution to Wyoming and corporate headquarters to Texas.

True to their claim to proceed “on an aggressive but deliberate path,” Magpul has wasted no time in getting away from a state that obviously fails to value its contributions to the state economy.

Founded in 1999, Magpul was launched to manufacture an innovative device to aid in the manipulation of rifle magazines while reloading under stress. The company’s name comes from the original product called the Magpul…

This week, Magpul announced that the transition will be complete by the end of January, 2015. Only a small office will be kept in Colorado, “to support the relocation and… then serve as a regional support office.”

It’s also been said that the Colorado office’s presence will allow the company’s continued participation in a lawsuit against the state of Colorado.

I’m not sure why Magpul is splitting operations into two distant states except that they have received some government assistance from both Texas and Wyoming, including $8.3 million in grants and loans from the state of Wyoming.

Personally, I cheer Magpul for the move away from an oppressive government, but do not support the use of taxpayers’ money to finance that move.

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