Stalker Shot by Victim, Then Calls 911 (Video)


Stalker Shot by Victim, Then Calls 911 (Video)

Tuscaloosa, AL – A 55-year-old man previously convicted of stalking was reportedly shot by his intended victim when he came to kill her.

Horace Johnson was indicted in April for stalking a 41-year-old woman and trying to burn down her house. But apparently he’s not one to move on and let go of the past. Around 10:00 on the evening of November 29, 2014, he called the woman and announced his intention to kill her. He then drove to her home, apparently to make good on his threat.

When Johnson arrived at the victim’s house and hollered for her to come outside, she emerged from her home and answered–with two blasts from her shotgun. A local news story reported that “at least one pellet” grazed his neck.

After being shot, Johnson left the residence, drove a short distance away, and called 911. While he was being treated at a local hospital, police investigating the incident learned of the past conflicts between the two.

Johnson was arrested and charged with third-degree domestic violence/harassment. No charges were brought against the female victim for shooting the stalker.

While talking to police, Johnson said he didn’t want to press charges against the victim because he said he started it all by “calling her and bothering her” and that he “shouldn’t have went over to her house. He just wanted to hear her voice.

Good thing she armed herself. I’m not sure the sound of her voice was really all he was seeking.

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