HECS Stealthscreen Clothing – Hide Your Electrical Signal From Game


HECS Stealthscreen Clothing – Hide Your Electrical Signal From Game

As I walked the gravel at SHOT Show 2015 Range Day, I stopped in to see what was being touted in a certain booth. “HECS Stealthscreen – the Evolution of Concealment.” Er, what?

Turns out, the HECS folks make clothing for hunting, including hooded jackets, pants, and gloves, that is designed to mask a person’s natural electric energy field by forming a conductive shroud around a hunter’s body.

Think it sounds a little weird? Well, I’m a natural skeptic, but I was impressed with the video I watched that showed one fellow shoot a turkey then switch places with his camera man so he could call them back in and shoot one. Did I mention they were bow hunting and got to full draw with the birds at roughly 11 yards? Neither of the hunters were in a blind. Company president Mike Slinkard was the first hunter in that video, and he said it’s simply what they’ve come to expect with this clothing.

Many’s the time I’ve been spotted by game for no apparent reason. Maybe this is it. After all, there is some science behind this, as the HECS site explains. And it’s no news that our bodies contain electrical charges of varying strength.

HECS works by using a mesh of carbon fiber, which they say is both flexible and washable, to block the energy waves (similar to the way a microwave oven’s door blocks microwaves). It’s all explained here.

As I said, I’m usually a skeptic, but this has me kind of excited. I’m really looking forward to donning a suit of this stuff to try for myself during this spring turkey season.

Heck, I might even want to wear it on the dove field, since they say birds that “migrate by sensing the earth’s magnetic field” see our electrical energy quite well. Check out their website for more info, including videos.

Update 4-2-2015: Here’s a report on how well HECS worked (or didn’t) on a nine-day turkey hunt.

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