New from LWRC: CSASS is a Lightweight, Premium AR in .308


New from LWRC: CSASS is a Lightweight, Premium AR in .308

Back when I first got into black rifles, I faced a choice: LWRC or LMT. For reasons of convenience (LMT was available at my local gun store) and parts interchangeability (LMT’s Modular Rail Platform gives you amazing flexibility and modularity), I picked LMT. But I do love to fantasize about the grass on the LWRC side of the fence.

The company’s brand new CSASS rifle is a case in point; it was created in response to a federal RFP for a Compact Semi-Automatic Sniper System.

They took some of the engineering from their new IC family of carbines and incorporated it into a state-of-the-art 7.62×5 1 dream gun. This thing is loaded:

  • 16.1″ spiral fluted barrel
  • SOPMOD stock
  • 8.75lbs weight (about a pound lighter than the REPR)
  • Monoforge upper receiver
  • Geissele SSA trigger
  • Fully ambidextrous lower
  • 24-position adjustable gas block
  • Reduced weight via relief cuts in upper

They packed all of this into a svelte 8.75 pounds, making this one of the lightest “AR-10”-format rifles on the market. It’s handy and well-balanced, especially for a piston gun (they can run a bit barrel heavy). That combination of an adjustable gas block and a piston operating system make this a perfect gun for suppressed shooting. Pair this with Silencerco’s new feather-light Omega can, and you’d have a beast of a lightweight DMR that his just as hard as rifles that are two pounds heavier.

When it hits the market in June 1, it’ll probably cost a little bit more than the REPR. I couldn’t get exact pricing, but I will update when and if I do.

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